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Codes - Overview

Series I - Prime Numbers

Series II - Geometerical Operations

Series III - Bit Operations

Codes I Series I, II, III


The Cycle Codes I deals with the composition of 8 simple geometrical Figures. These figures are constructed by dividing a square four times. Thus 8 equal, isoscelene rightangle triangles are created. These eight figures are used to translate digital information into a visual form. The triangles a ordered in to a straight line.  Each triangles codes one bit of a byte. If the right angle points to the left, a „zero“ is coded, if it points to the right a „one“ is coded. In this way a can code the integer numbers from zero to 255. The invidual series apply different criteria to  select subsets out of the 255 possibilities.

Image 1

Series I Prime Numbers until 256 (54 Prime Numbers)

The Prime numbers from 2 to 251 are coded.

Image 1

Series II - Geometrical Operationen (48 Possibilities)

- Translations (16 Possibilites)

- Rotations (16 Possibilites)

- Reflections (16 Possibilites))

Image 1

Series III - Bit Operations (24 Possibilites)

- Shift of the One (8 Possibilites)

- Ones moving top down (8 Possibilites)

- Ones moving bottom up (8 Possibilites)

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